7 Unforgettable Memories of Obama Presidency & We Miss You Obama (Great Leader).


The remarkable moment of Obama presidency.You always stay in our hearts Obama

9 days left in his presidency, he ruled nearly eight years.Now it’s time to say goodbye to a Great Leadership.On Tuesday evening president Obama will return Chicago for this nation farewell.US 44th president is down after 8 years.

Memories of Obama is fadeless.Here 7 thinks that will make you teary.

1 .5-Year-Old boy Requested to touch Obama’s hair.

Former White House Staffer son was just 5-year-old he requested president:”Can I touch your hair I want to know my hair is just like yours.president smiled and bend over to┬ámake the kid touch this hair.That moment was memorable of Obama’s presidency.

2. Patient Protection changed to ObamaCare.

On march 2010 president authoritative signed Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act and now it popular as Obamacare.By this million of uninspired Americans, the get health insurance at low cost.Later this law faced many Problems and hazard from congressional Republicans.