Every Unemployed will get Rs 40,000 / month from the Government

Finland is the first country paying Rs 40,000 or €540 for every month up to 2 years. A new experiment by the Finland government prevents the Poverty, Below level poverty (BPL), Spam and to find the job. Unemployed

Finland government randomly pick 2000 unemployed and give directly for every month.Main ambition for Government to improve a quality of living, reduce unemployment and find jUnemployedobs.

If the unemployed age between 25 – 28 years Finland government will pay 560€ or Rs 40,000.Unemployed will get money even he finds job but Finn’s government will pay for 2-year un conditional.This scheme is not only for unemployed benefits but also social benefits.


This scheme will start from 1 January 2017 and end on 1 January 2018.According to the recent survey  8% of unemployment is in Finland.And 68% of people had supported this monthly basic income.

Many countries announced this monthly basic income but no countries take the action.Finally, Finland is the only country started this basic monthly income.

By this scheme, Finland will decrease unemployment, poverty and increase a quality of life so a person will get the boost to find work.Additional from this Finland government can be elected in the next election.

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