Most power Syrup helps for melting kidney stones.

kidney stones

kidney Stones Can be melted with this Most Powerful Natural Treatment.

A person with kidney stones will suffer lot’s of pain especially when the stones jammed from kidney to the bladder.

How stones formed in the kidney?

Generally Kidney deposit mineral. But calcium occupies space where mineral deposit inside your kidneys leads to the formation of sand-like stones.

The problem is it cannot be visible for the first time.Stone remains for weeks, month and year.

Until and unless stone start move then you feel terrible pain on hips, blood urine and back.

If you consultant doctor they prefer you to drink liquids with that you can kick out stone normal in case of more complicated they prefer surgery.

Ingredient :

  • Olive oil (cold pressed) – 250gm / 8.8 oz

  • Fresh lemon  – 250 gm / 8.8 oz

  • Organic honey – 250 gram / 8.8 oz

  • Maple syrup – 1 cup.

  • Parsley root – 250 gm / 8.8 oz

How to prepare?

  1. Chopped the lemon and crush into the juicer.

  2. After add clean and chopped blender parsley root.

  3. Mixed above two solutions take in a cup.

  4. Add olive oil and maple syrup into the same cup.

  5. Mix the cup with a spoon until it turns into a mixture.


Take the mixture or juice into a glass jar and keep in the fridge.

“Every morning drink take 1 tablespoon of syrup on empty stomach. Take the more and more fluids.”

Benefits of Ingredients:

Lemon is used to melt the stones in the kidney and helps to increase liquid urine.

Parsley shows a great result urine creation by natural diuretic abilities.

Maple Syrup will increase the taste.

Honey acts as antibiotic while oil helps to lubricate.

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