Most Famous and Yummy Street Food All Over India.


Day to day street food is Getting More Popular and Taste.

Food is the basic need for a human to survive.If you get food with a great taste that will be awesome. Now a day street food in India is getting more tasty and delicious. At present South Indian food is available in the north.Let’s have a look on yummy street food.

Chaat :

Chaat is the most popular and likable street food in all over Indian.Especially 80% of ladies like Chaat.They are a different type of chaat with a crazy taste like golgappas, Sevpuri, and bhelpuri etc.Dahi poori is the most famous chat all over In India.

2.Vada Pao:

Vada Pao┬áhas another name in Indian as Indian’s Burger.Fried potato inside the pao┬ámakes Indian people’s crazy.With additional to get more taste, Green chili and spicy chutney are added.