First time in World History Honda Introducing Self-Balance Bike.


Honda Company Announce Self-Balance Bike that follows you like a Dog.

Honda releasing for the first time that bike ride can assist with self-balancing technology.It will park according to the owner instruction.Rider needs to know modicum skill to maintain the bike in slow speed without falling over because it completely depends on handling corrections from the rider.


Gyroscopes can help to balance the bike from falling down but it contains huge weight.To overcome from this problem honda company took a foward step and innovate combination of robotics, software technology, and electric motor to make grip over the bike balance.

Basically, By turning the front wheel cyclist can stop the cycle without putting their foot on land.By taking this functionally honda company step ahead by an electric motor attached to the top of the steering head by “steer by wire” method.

Actually, a bike will fall when the steering direction of the bike is turned but by using future robotic technology to the steering it will be controlled automatically without falling.

From the above video, you will see the honda bike will follow the rider like a pet.Because steering trail back to positive by lower linkage to retracting and converts the steering.

Honda“Moto Riding Assist creates the bike to steering itself without the rider and balancing the bike when moving in slow motion and stop.”

Moto Riding Assist system wasn’t announced yet by honda company but with this features, bikes haven’t released yet.

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