Are You Smoking More Than 5 Year Don’t Worry Clean your lungs By Drinking Natural Recipe


Here is the Recipe for Smoker’s who have been Smoking more than 5 Years.

From today onward don’t be afraid of smoking. Afraid of not drinking this simple recipe.No matter how many cigarettes are you smoking per day.This recipe can be prepared by yourself when you drink it will help to clean lungs and avoid lung cancer.

“Some people can’t quit smoking but at least clean your lungs from nicotine and tar.”


This recipe gives the Fast and great result for those who quit smoke at present.Apart of this if you are smoker please stop smoking are decreases smoking of cigarette day by day.Because Nicotine and tar will also damage your respiratory system.

“So there is no way to clean respiratory system from nicotine and tar. But you clean your lungs from Nicotine and tar by doing this recipe by the natural way.”


  • 1 Liter water
  • 400 Grams honey
  • 400 Grams Onion
  • 2 teaspoons turmeric
  • Ginger root (an inch)

How to preparation?

  1. Boil the 1-liter water.
  2. Add the chop onions into the water.
  3. Add grind ginger paste into the water.
  4. After adding turmeric powder and keep the heat in slim or low.
  5. Heat the recipe until it reduce to half.(500ml)
  6. Take recipe into the glass.
  7. Keep in fridge until it turns to cool.

How to drink?

“When you woke early morning take this recipe on empty stomach and night after dinner.”

Note: Take 2 Tablespoons each time.


Benefits of Ingredient:

Garlic is act as excellent lung cleaner.

Onions can prevent lung infection.

Ginger as best ingredient for to set free from toxins and tar from your lung.

Tumeric as we know it is an anti-bacterial agent.However, it will help you to clean the blood from tar.

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