5th Generation Technology Coming with 1Tbps


5th Generation technology coming with 1000 Times faster than 4G.

5th generation aiming to increase the internet quality and speed.It Completely takes you to next speedy world.It sound’s weird but it’s true.At present 4G released a new version called LTE network.So smartphone works at an average speed of 250 – 500 Mbps in some countries.

Now coming to the 5G world smartphones like iPhone, Samsung will support at a high speed of 5Gbps to 10 Gbps.It takes a time to believe but it’s true as per experiment of 2016 at University of Surrey managed 1Tbps in the wireless network connection.

On October 2015 China’s tested Huawei and Japan’s tested on NTT Docomo network.It browses at an average speed of 3.7 Gbps.It means 12 times greater than 4G.From now to the next 5 year over the world will follow 5G.

“At present UK government has invested £740 million in order to trail superfast 5G mobile network.But UK government haven’t announced about 5G officially.”

Earlier Versions of Generation Overview

  • First Generation or 1G: First mobile phone are used in the first generation for very low-level spectrum and security.
  • Second Generation or 2G: Introduces Digital Technology and better spectrums efficiency with security.Text messages with low data rate.
  • Third Generation or 3G: Clemency with high technology and speed data.Which data communion transfer at the speed of more than 14 Mbps.
  • Fourth Generation or 4G: It completely depends on IP technology with the capacity of 1Gbps.At present, we are in this generation.
  • Fifth Generation or 5G: Wireless mesh networking and dynamic ad-hoc networking with last range of 1Tbps.


Specifications of 5G:

     PARAMETER                                                     SUGGESTED PERFORMANCE

 Network capacity                                   10,000 times greater than present network

   Peak data rate                                                                  10Gbps

  Cell edge data rate                                                          100 Mbps

         Latency                                                                       < 1 ms


Benefits of 5G:

  • People will completely forget the word of buffering.I mean no more buffering.
  • At an Average speed 100Gb, a smartphone will work.
  • No more waiting to download or upload a high data file.
  • Speed will be 10,000 times greater than the present network.
  • We should forget about payment gateway interception. 
  • At the low network, we can access minimum 25 Mbps at an average.
  • We can get at an affordable price and enjoy the peak speed.


Concepts of 5G:

  • Prevalent Network: User can connect many wireless access technologies while moving between them.
  • Radio Technology: In 5th generation smartphone has a feature to see the radio landscape where it is located. And also to get the best connection and great performance.
  • Smart Antennas: It will adjust the direction to get more direct communication and increase overall cell capacity.

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